Meet Felicia

I’m So Happy You’re Here!

You’ve come to the right place for healthy, plant-based recipes, stories to inspire and entertain you, and maybe even a few surprises along the way.

This site, and my YouTube Channel, Plant-Based Home Cooking with Felicia Slattery, represent a lifelong dream come true, and I couldn’t be more excited!

Here’s my story:

In 1984, as a 9th grader, I took my first Foods and Nutrition cooking class at Wheaton Central High School in Wheaton, Illinois. I was immediately hooked on cooking and that sent me on a path of preparing delicious food for my family and friends for the rest of my life.

By the time I had graduated high school, I had taken every foods class available at that school. Additionally, during my 11th grade year, I also discovered the speech team and public speaking. That led to a major decision when I finished high school: I could choose to attend culinary school, or I could head to college and study communication and public speaking.

I made my choice

I was admitted to Bradley University where I began in the fall semester 1988, receiving a scholarship to compete on their national championship speech team. That choice led me to earning two masters’ degrees – one in communication and the other in training –  and allowed me to become an adjunct college instructor of public speaking and communication. After my daughters were born, in 2006, I started a consulting and professional speaking business (you can see more about that at, became a sought-after speaker, and a best-selling author, training entrepreneurs and business professionals in 81 countries around the world.

Along the way I continued cooking for my family. When social media became available, I would occasionally share my recipes and food photos with my followers, fans, and friends. I even started a food blog in 2013 to post my recipes and make it easy to share them.

Then 2020 came along and the world saw a global pandemic shut down quite literally every event in the world. With no need for professional speakers, my business went from thriving to nothing, overnight.

Like many people during that time, I began exploring my hobbies more, including cooking. I discovered a website where I could teach not only communication classes, but also cooking classes to teens – and that was the beginning of the work I get to do today.

Why I Eat & Cook Plant-Based

During my 20s in the mid-1990s, living alone for the first time, I was free to make my own food choices. After learning about the many health problems associated with consuming dairy products, I quit eating dairy, and within weeks had relief from lifelong seasonal allergies.

Although I experienced excellent results, after a few years I slid back into eating cheese, and eventually all dairy products crept back into my diet.

Then in 2012, I had a life-changing diagnosis. At only age 42 I heard the words no person ever wants to hear, “You have lung cancer.” With no history of smoking, living with smokers, or working in or near asbestos or radon, my doctors were puzzled as to how I could have lung cancer, but they didn’t care much. Their job was to treat the disease and save my life.

I was cured through surgery and a medical miracle, but the question of how I came to have lung cancer was never answered. However, my experience owning a business taught me one thing was true: if I kept doing what I had been doing, I would keep getting the results I got. Something had to change – and I decided to start with what I put into my body.

That led to years of experimenting with various diets including eating gluten free, keto, and more, resulting in multiple and uncomfortable digestive problems. As my gut health continued to deteriorate and my weight climbed, in 2019, I made an appointment with a naturopathic doctor who suggested to me that I try eating a plant-based diet to heal my gut. Watching several popular documentaries taught me the basics of eating a whole food plant-based diet, and I have enjoyed the benefits of this way of eating ever since. 

What You’ll See On This Site

A whole food plant-based (WFPB) diet means what it sounds like: recipes made with foods that come from plants, and are as close to the original as possible.

In my first two cookbooks, my publishers wanted me to focus on the WFPB diet that also uses little to no salt, oil, or sugar (SOS-free), so many of my recipes I share will have salt listed as optional. While I have cut back significantly in my diet on salt and oil, occasionally they will make an appearance in my recipes and in the products I recommend. Make the choice that is best for you and your health needs. I almost never use refined sugar, but I do use maple syrup and date syrup to sweeten things up as needed.